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So, here’s an answer to your question: What does the title mean “Go stand next to that!” Well, it’s sort of a joke, something we’ve said forever to each other, just as a tourist might yell when they see something cool to get a picture of. “That’s huge, go stand next to that!” they might say, and their friend stands next to it, giving a bit of, say, size perspective in the photo to whatever that thing might be. It’s sort of come to pass that we think this saying applies to life in general – everything in life should be viewed in perspective to other things, else we get bogged down in our own little worlds. So, we constantly try for perspective, and tell each other “Go stand next to that…”.

Who we are: Christian, Jen, Anna and Lydia

Home Town: Napa, CA

Boat: Dragonfly, Beneteau 411

Thanks for reading our blog, and Enjoy!