Is that my big butt in that Sailing Magazine?!

Is that my big butt in that Sailing Magazine?!

Yes dear, I’m afraid it is. 

And so goes our experience with appearing in a major sailing publication. What, you say, am I talking about? Let’s go back in time, to February of this year, when Christian and I boarded a plane and, with notebooks and sunscreen in hand, flew out to Miami where waiting for us to arrive was the worlds “largest” sailing catamaran boat show. Dozens of huge catamarans (two hulls, instead of just one), complete with nice brokers to explain the nitty gritty of bilge pumps and anchor rollers, it was Disneyland for us! Anyway, long story short, we had good fun. Flash forward many months … I was sitting and flipping through one of the many sailing magazines that decorate the surfaces of our home, perusing the articles, glancing at photos, when I did a double-take on one particular photo. It was a photo of a catamaran that we were lucky enough to have taken a test-run on during the show, one that boasts an all-electric propulsion system (distinct from the typical diesel propelled engines of most sailboats). Realizing that we took a ride on that boat, I looked closer at the photo, and was shocked to see Christian and I standing right there on the boat, in the picture. Now isn’t that too cool, I said to myself, and jumped up to show Christian. Want to know what my husband said? Mind you, he’s a man, a confident guy with no self-image problems that I know of. But, despite this, what he said was “Is that MY BIG BUTT in that Sailing Magazine!?”
– Jen

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