Little white lights everywhere!

It’s time for the Holidays! The air is turning brisk, the smell of fireplaces and wood stoves fills the air, and, all around town, little white lights are appearing to sparkle us through our days and nights. True to the oncoming Christmas spirit, our own house has become a full-on sparkle fest! White lights dazzle the eves of the house, a pair of trees covered with white lights garnish our front deck, and the yard would not be complete without a white sparkling deer moving his sparkly head up…and down. Inside, our Christmas tree is covered in lights (all white, of course), the girls each have their own little white sparkling ‘advent’ trees, and Lydi’s bedroom is dazzling with a string of white globes. Ok, so Anna has rainbow lights in her room – a break from tradition!

Truly, we are having a beautiful Christmas season. With the coming of the season is our own first big event – Anna’s birthday! This year she is 8! In two days is her jewelry-making party extravaganza! A friend of ours through both of the girls’ schools is a jewelry maker, and she does parties for little girls where they each get to make their own bracelet and necklace. Anna’s friends and Tutu (recently arrived from Hawaii for an extended stay in Napa) are coming to our house for cake and fun. Then, the next day, we’ll celebrate with Grama and Papa at their house.

Then, on to Christmas! We love to wrap the presents and pack them under the tree, then sit around with a hot cup of coffee on Christmas morning watching the girls open their new stuff! Then, we head over to Grama & Papa’s for the rest of Christmas day, more presents, and a huge meal.

And with the Christmas spirit, we think of our family and friends, near and far, and we wish for a happy and healthy Holidays for all.


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