One-eyed princess meets the former queen.

What do you do with a one-eyed, treasure-raiding princess and a former queen of an entire planet? You take them trick-or-treating, of course! And that’s exactly what we did! Here’s Lydi as a ‘princess pirate’ and down below is Anna as ‘Padme Amadala’, former queen of Naboo (of Star Wars fame). The day started with school for both girls. Lydi’s school has a no-costumes rule (the little ones kind-of lose it, I guess), but had already celebrated a harvest day the previous week. Anna’s school had their annual Halloween parade, which consists of a huge circular tour of the blacktop. The kids LOVE it! After school, it was home for Lydi to get pirated-out, to friend Hallie’s for Anna for a ‘playdate’. Then it was out again for trick-or-treating.

Ahhh, trick-or-treating! For us, in our neighborhood, that is a bit hard to pull off. Imagine having to get in and out of the car 50 times in one night… not my idea of a good time. So each year, we invade the poor, unsuspecting neighborhood of a close friend. In the past years, it’s been our friends Nancy and John with their two girls, but they sailed away this year (the bums! Here’s their
sailing blog). 😦 So, this year’s fun was had with Anna’s friend Hallie and her family. Thanks to them for letting us pawn candy off their neighbors! It was a successful (and fruitful… or is that ‘candy-ful’) evening!

Click here the view the album!

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