Who we are and … why the blog?

How do you share videos, picture and stories all in one place? A blog! At least, that’s what we’ve heard. So here we go – our first official blog, created just for you.

(Disclaimer – you probably know the following, but just in case…) We are Jen and Christian Philips, with our two girls Anna (7) and Lydia (4). We live in Napa, CA, and are living the good life! 🙂 Our house is in Circle Oaks, a community of houses in the boonies outside of Napa (a solid 15 minute drive into the country – horrifyingly remote for some, really just fine for us – country living at half the price!). Our girls go to school in Napa and Christian works there, and Jen does a bunch of stuff there too, so that means we’re there every day (which surprises even some of our neighbors, who plan Costco runs to stock up, just to avoid the drive every day – oh well, whatever you’re used to!)

We love to sail on San Francisco Bay – in fact so much so that many or most of these blog entries very well might be about just that! We’ll try to vary it, add in the occasional non-sailing content, too, we promise! We really do love sailing though. It is all about everything we love – water, environment, cool breezes, the power to propel yourself anywhere the wind blows, wildlife, beauty, and calm. The girls love our boat – Calypso, a Hunter 356. It’s like home on water for them. They play “down below”, which is inside the boat, and help out in the cockpit with lines and so forth. Anna watches for wildlife and Lydi looks out for “Wake!”.

So here we go… thanks for reading!

Jen, Christian, Anna & Lydi



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2 responses to “Who we are and … why the blog?

  1. Connie Patton

    Hi jen, So this is a blog. I will be checking it. Love to see you and the family having a good time. Will there be more pictures? Looks a lot like a web site.

  2. Anonymous

    What a great idea! You go….

    Love ya,

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